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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goals for April

Well April is quickly approaching and I have decided to make some goals for myself...
  • Apply for two to three spring craft shows in the state
  • Successfully set up some meetings for wholesaling to boutiques and/or spas
  • feature 2-4 etsy artists per month from now on
    • if you are interested let me know!
  • Have a local show
  • have fun
  • sell more items on
I hope that I will be able to sell as much as possible and hopefully attain my goals :)

Happy April!


Jen / MintTrim said...

I should definitely set some goals for April myself. I would love to sign up for some craft shows, but I seem to have missed the deadlines for any that I can afford to participate in, and the next "round" of shows isn't until fall or the winter/Christmas season.

Maybe I will try to create and photograph and list more this month. I have been slacking on the photographing (taking photos is such a pain!)

Good luck in April!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals. Hope you exceed them. Love your jewelry

Jessica said...

great goals!!! i need to set some for myself!

ElegantSnobbery said...

good for you for setting these goals!! And your jewelry is beautiful! Keep thinking positively and things are bound to go your way!

Artisticle said...

Goals are always good. I think my main goal is to get off the computer and go back to making new stuff. That might help in my sell more stuff goal!