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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Almost August!

August is right around the corner! This time of year reminds me of going back to school and the deadliest part of hurricane season. However, this year will be a lot different. No more school and I am moving to a new city TOMORROW (Monday)! It will certainly be a new beginning and I am very excited.

Here are my goals for this month:
  • Unpack my studio successfully
  • Sell 5 items on-line
  • Break the 30 mark for online sales
  • Get in touch with local universities in my new city to connect with Sororities
  • Find a steady job
  • Put at least 75 items at my etsy store
That's a pretty decent to-do list I think! I hope it goes as planned ;)

Good luck to you all this month!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I got a treasury, I got a treasury, I got a treasury hey hey hey! Check it out - featuring members of the Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle Team :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artist Feature: SCDiva

Some of you know that I am in the South Carolina Etsy Team. We have so many talented artists that I have decided to feature some of my fellow team members. This week I am featuring Lynda/SC Diva of Diva Designs. She created beautiful jewelry using beads and pendants that she creates from polymer clay. Her creations are incredible! She also has a very interesting history and story. Enjoy :)

1. Tell me about yourself.
My name is Lynda Moseley. I am 49 years old, single with no children except four ancient cats who allow me to mother them. I have been a real estate and probate paralegal for the past 28 years, a free-lance floral designer for 26 years; and a jewelry designer and professional genealogist for the past 25 years. I also created and administer three online DNA projects for genealogy purposes. I am a very proud 9th generation South Carolinian and have lived in the same town for most of my life. I am also the world’s greatest aunt to two nephews and a niece, whom I adore. I love to read and cook, and I am a rabid Atlanta Braves fan. I collect first editions, vintage tin and pressed steel children’s kitchen toys, flour sacks and feed sacks from the 1930s and 1940s, and vintage kitchenware and enamelware. I also tat, crochet, cross-stitch, needlepoint and sew; and I make grow flowers and herbs for potpourri and dried flower wreaths and arrangements.

2. Tell me about your craft/business.
I have been designing jewelry since I was a teenager, but only recently started working with polymer clay to create pendants for my necklace designs. I purchased my first block of clay last October. It took me a month to work up the nerve to open the package, and 600 or so beads later, I decided I was ready to start designing jewelry around the beads. It has quickly become an addiction, and I cannot see myself ever abandoning it. The combination of color and pattern is limited only by my imagination.

3. What do you most love about living in SC?
Everything except the gnats and skeeters. Really. I LOVE my state. I consider myself blessed to have been born here. In fact, I am a very proud 9th generation South Carolinian. My father's family's roots in South Carolina go back to my Huguenot ancestors who fled France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, arriving here 1688, via Switzerland. My Palatin ancestors arrived here in 1735, my Irish ancestors in 1767, my English ancestors about 1773.

I love our flag. The palmetto and crescent on that indigo blue background gives me chills every time I see it flying. I love that I am within driving distance of beaches and mountains. I love the food unique to our Southern culture. Give me some fried chicken and a tomato sandwich slathered with Duke's mayonnaise, and I am a happy girl. I love small town living in South Carolina, where you know everybody and everybody knows you. I love having most of my family here as well. It's a short trip to a family reunion!

4. What are your recent goals?

As far as my jewelry business, to concentrate on marketing and selling more on the internet. I have been very successful locally, mainly due to word of mouth advertising from some loyal friends and customers. It is the reason I joined TeamSC. I really believe there is power in our numbers, and I look forward to being a part of the movement to showcase and promote South Carolina artisans and artistry.

You can purchase ANY of Lynda's creations at her etsy store: Click Here

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July and Recent Sales

WOW people have been showing me some love this month...and I couldn't be happier. A while ago my goal was to sell more items online - and recently it has been going pretty well this month...and it isn't over yet :) The Christmas in July SALE this weekend could be a great opportunity to purchase an item or few because of the 15% off everything and FREE SHIPPING :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Check Check check it OUT: Christmas in July Sale...THIS WEEKEND!

I am in the process of gearing up for "Christmas in July," at Little Black Boxes. I am actually very excited. I have never participated in selling nor bought anything at a sale like this. I am hoping that it goes well and that some sales cross my path :)

Just so yall know, my sale is 15% off EVERYTHING in my store - even the items already marked down - plus FREE SHIPPING!!! This is ONLY for July 25-26th!!!

This is a great chance to get some regularly priced items for a great price, and you can always love free shipping (wink wink).

Check out my store and start making your wish list ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Selma just emailed me a picture of a beautiful basket she made and entered into a show. She won 3rd place!!! Congrats Selma.

Check out her feature in the posts below. She is a very cool and interesting lady with a wonderful talent!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The First Christmas in July Sale - Sale!

I am happy to let yall know that I have made my FIRST sale from my Christmas in July Sale that I am currently having all of this month! YAY!!! And what is also cool is that the buyer is from Canada. Thank you!!!

There are still a lot of items on sale in the store so check them out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artist Feature: Gourdzilla

I was stumbling around etsy the other day and found a really interesting artist who goes by the name of Gourdzilla, well that is her etsy name. Her real name is Selma Gunn. Selma creates beautiful pieces of art out of gourds. I was literally blow away by how much detail and intricacythat goes into each of her pieces. She was gracious enough to grant me an interview to learn a little bit more about her and her craft.

Tell me a little something about yourself

I grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin. I still live there except for the winters where I go to sunny Arizona. I have two children, girl and boy and two handsome grandsons. I just celebrated my 50th wedding anniversary June 30th.
Tell me a little about your business...

My little town has an art club which my mother and a few other folks started up in the late 40's called the Rural Rembrandts. Their purpose was to promote art in rural communities and they became affiliated with the State University of Madison, Wi. It was unique in that other small towns followed in their footsteps starting groups and had their own art contests which once a year the winners all congregated to a final show in our state capital, Madison and was judged again. The winners were then put in a traveling show that went all over the state to different cities displaying their works for a few weeks at a time. This routine is still going on to this day and our club is thriving. The web site for our club is My gourds are on that site under my name-Selma Glunn

How would you describe your influences and artistic style
I hope I got my talent and interest in art from my Mom. She owned a restaurant in our town and held many art meetings after hours. They would clean off the tables and set up painting well into the nights. I have worked in many mediums and have settled on gourd art a few years ago. What inspired me was seeing so much gourd work in Arizona. It is the greatest thing to transform those dirty things into works of art. I can not wait to finish one and go on to another. Once I get past the peel that is attached to them so the leather dyes will adhere it is like staining a piece of wood. It is unbelievable the prospect of embellishments for them. I especially like using natural finds. When I am on the golf course the girls are used to me trailing off into the woods looking for interesting stuff for embellishments.

Where do you sell your pieces?

I sell at shows in our area and in Arizona. I also sell them in a cute restaurant in a neighboring town and a coffee house that was transformed from a grist mill. We live in a tourist area with lots of lakes and have many visitors both summer and winter.

Do you have any secret hobbies?
I am an avid golfer and I even took club champion last year. I was awarded my own parking spot with a reserved sign. I will fight for that spot in August again. I will need lots of luck.

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is burgundy. I like bright colors and am always playing with the color wheel.

What is your favorite moment as a seller?
My favorite moment as a gourd seller is when people ask "what are those made of"? Many people have not seen them made into an art form such as mine.

Do you like to cook?
Oh boy do I love to cook, mostly baking. It is most rewarding when my son in law comes around. He is my best eater and loves my cooking.

What is your favorite way to end your day?
I love to curl up to a book before I close my eyes for the night and that is what I am going to do right now.

I hope that yall have a few moments to check out her store and her awesome craft! click here to see her store

Friday, July 11, 2008


Today is my day of birth...which actually officially begins at 11:19 am when I was birthed. I graced the state of South Carolina today. You are welcome (haha).

I love my birthday and I am super excited to go out tonight with my friends and have a good time. I hope it doesn't rain as it has been crappy in the weather department.

In honor of my birthday and Fridays, I am going to give 10% off ANYTHING in my store - TODAY ONLY! And what the hell, I will give you free shipping too! (this expires at midnight). If you decide to order something, just send me a little note and I will refund you the 10% and shipping.

check me out - I just uploaded some new earrings that I think yall might enjoy

Have a wonderful weekend!

OH I got a treasury too! I featured members of the two etsy teams I am on - the Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle team AND the South Carolina Etsy Team. Check that out too!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beach snails

Beach snails
Originally uploaded by JooJoo1356
I found this on Flickr - my sister and I used to sit and make clay snails when we were younger and sell them to family members. My mom recalls "Wanna buy a snail" as we pawned off our creations. Im glad to see someone with more focus and planning giving the snails some love.

A really nice way to wake up this morning!

I woke up this morning wondering if I should go to the gym this morning or after work...I'm glad I checked my email instead! I received a note letting me know that Little Things Designs from had featured my jewelry on her blog. She said some really beautiful and kind things about my jewelry that made me smile so huge!

Here is a link to her blog :

And here is a link to her store called Little Poppy Designs where she creates cute and fun little toys, clothes, and hair accessories for the little ones:

It is things like this that really keep an artist like myself going. Thank you so much!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Christmas in July

Christmas in July... I love this concept for a few different reasons. First, Christmas is a great holiday for the family to get together and show how much they appreciate each other. Secondly, my birthday is on the 11th and celebrating that feels like Christmas in July :)

In honor of this theme, I will be having a Christmas in July sale in my store - selected items will be 15% off.

I am also participating in The Little Black Box: Christmas in July celebration! This is a really cool site. The sale will be happening SATURDAY July 25th at 9am (est). It is a really interesting place to find great artists committed to the handmade revolution. I love this and have been doing my best to support handmade items (fyi I have a weakness for dresses and soaps).

I will hopefully be adding more items to my shop over the next few weeks. I have been busier than usual because I am doing a contract research project for a construction company for the month of July. Prime picture taking time is the same time I get to work in the morning - so I am having some conflicts, but its' all good!