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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle: Team Project May 2008

I am lucky to be a part of a cool team on called Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle aka FDL. Each month we collaborate and discuss about a color scheme and general theme, and then everyone makes their own project. The team just recently decided to open up a store on etsy. ( ) I just completed my necklace for the project yesterday so I thought I would show you.

The color theme was red and turquoise blue. I decided to use two different styles of red coral: rounds and stick coral. I used Turquoise Swarovski Bicones for the blue. I love the concept of LOVE and have some charms that I chose from. This will be for sale in the FDL Team store in June!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Savannah Market Bazaar

This saturday I will be in Savannah, GA for the Savannah Market Bazaar at the old Sear's Building by Forsythe Park. There will be a bunch of vendors there (including me!) presenting to the public. It will go on pretty much all day.

I am excited to be a part of this market because I will get to meet new people and have another chance to work on my show set up and delivery. I have also been making new items especially for this event and hope that they are well received.

I found that a few of my pieces at the Maye River Gallery have SOLD!!!! I am so excited that my pieces are a) selling and b) selling in a gallery with other great pieces of art. WOOOHOOO!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I have been FEATURED

Well I woke this morning to a wonderful email stating that I have been featured on a blog!

A little about the blogger Lillyputts: Lilyputts is an online retailer of gift baskets. This retailer has been online selling since 1995, however more recent are the baskets. This retailer has many gifts for every occasion. The name Lilyputts came about while thinking of Gullivers Travels. The little people were from the land of Lilyputts. While the people were little the land was big, as the internet. For they made their name and it was echoed through the land.

If you have a moment, please take a look at her blog!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good News! and GOALS

I just got into a show next weekend in Savannah, GA!

My friend in DC works in a boutique and she is working with me on setting up a consignment situation with them. I am excited because I think my earrings will do well there. Plus since my friend works there, I feel like there is less of a probability of being screwed big time. Ha.

The picture up top is from Central Park in NYC. I was there this past saturday with some of my girlfriends. I was up there visiting with my grandma for the weekend. I had a great time :)

GOALS (for the rest of the week)
  • Pick pieces to send to my friends boutique
  • make more items
  • finish wedding piece for a friend
  • take pictures!
  • upload pictures to Etsy and Dawanda

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TREASURY: Beach Theme

This is my new TREASURY!!!! I decided to do a beach theme this time, as I have been to the beach a few times this week (yes this week...island living has its benefits). Please check it out and the artists here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More New items!

I will be creating and putting up more items in both my Dawanda and Etsy shops within the next two weeks.

I will be in NYC this weekend! So back on track after that. check back often ;)

have a great week!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


So this is what I woke up to with the weather map, day 2 of the Art in the Park Craft Show on Tybee Island, GA. I am trying to say positive, but do you see all that red?


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Goals & Positive Thinking

I have come to realize that thinking positive really does in fact have a positive effect.

Here are my goals for May and really the rest of the Summer season:

* Do as many shows as I can
* Get better with Art Clay Silver
* Sell as much as I can per show
* Sell at least 500$ per show
o sell out of jewelry at a show
o sell wholesale to a boutique
o sell wholesale to spas

I am going to think about these goals every day. I have a show this weekend, while not getting my hopes up, I will think about my goals. I hope to attain my goals.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day

Originally uploaded by mohcon711
So I decided to write a lil bit about the woman who gave birth to me as the national celebrate your mother day is approaching.

My mother's name is Linda Sue, however she goes by Linda now. She is an accomplished water color and oil painter, and illustrator. She has her MFA in Illustration and teaches illustration at Savannah College of Art & Design. She is pretty amazing.

She has always been a wonderful mother, willing to do just about anything for her kids. In addition she is also a fabulous cook who wishes she was Italian. She has always kept our entire family involved in the arts and making us comfortable with being creative.

This picture is from our most recent family trip to Costa Rica right after Thanksgiving 2007. We saw and did some really cool things. This is when we went Canopy Zip Line - which was awesome.

This weekend we will probably relax - well she will. I will be in Tybee Island, GA for Art in the Park with my jewelry booth. She has offered to help but she needs to take a break and relax! She works very hard and deserves time to relax.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day

So Mother's Day is THIS WEEKEND! I decided to give everyone free shipping until Mother's Day :) WOO HOOO

This is a great opportunity to check out some of the new items I have put up recently as well as get something beautiful for that woman who lovingly gave birth to you!

As a friendly reminder, I do have some items on SALE!!! Please do not forget I love doing custom work :)

- Morgan

Monday, May 5, 2008


So after watching the treasury like a hawk, I snagged a treasury and decided to feature members of the Fashion, Design, and Lifestyle team from etsy. I am a member of this team and I like to feature other people's work. I think I picked some good ones :)

check it out (<---- click here)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Change of Plans...

Since the price of gas is becoming ridiculous, I have decided to stay a little closer to home for festivals/shows from now until further notice. I applied and was accepted to the Bluegrass Festival in Aiken, but after spending 100$ on gas last weekend going to and from Walterboro from where I reside I decided that I just cannot do that. Aiken is twice as far away as Walterboro.

SO I solved the problem by signing up for a more local show that is only an hour away in GA on Tybee Island. The show is called "Spring Art is the Park" and it is next weekend. They have a few other shows on Tybee that look interesting. Here is their website with the information and downloadable application: click here.

I had a bit of an interesting day yesterday involving the dentist, Sam's Club, setting up a new Ez UP by myself in my backyard, setting up my COMPLETE setup to take booth pictures for applications, speeding to the post office to get my application over-nighted, and racing to the south end of the island for another appointment, then finally ending up at the gym.

I posted about this yesterday in the forums, mainly to see if other people who may have ever been to a Sam's Club had an experience similar to mine. I was overwhelmed with the response: "I boycott Wal-mart...and Sam's Club is a part of Wal-mart!" I know what Sam's Club is and who it is associated with. To my knowledge it is the only store of its kind within 50 miles of where I live, and definitely off the island. I was a bit perturbed because I have boycotted Wal-Mart for about 3 years now and detest even going in the store (our wal-mart is really kinda weird anyway) and if I had another choice of going to Sam's or not, I wouldn't go to Sam's. I was offended that people were questioning why I went there, and then telling me there were other options in my state and etc (this person did have a point and stunning jewelry, but she lives about 4 or more hours north of me in the upcountry of SC, I live in the Lowcountry...acutally the lowest country in SC.) Hilton Head limits what kind of chains can really prosper on the island. They really do try to keep it for the little guy, which is one thing I have loved about growing up here. There are no billboards, no Olive Gardens, no Circut Cities, HomeDepots, Lowes, Michaels, etc. Everything is a little bit hidden from the road too (I mean you can see it, but it's really not as obtrusive as people are used to). All of the major chains and car dealerships are over the bridge in Bluffton, Beaufort, and Savannah. So you see, Sam's was my only option - especially since gas for me is 50$ a fill up.

BTW: setting up an ez-up by yourself, while your dogs look at you as if you are totally crazy (you know when they turn their head a lil cockeye, as if to say wtf are you doing?), is hard. I wear a heart rate monitor to the gym to make sure I am in the right zone while I'm doing cardio, I had it turned on while I was doing this and my heart rate was 150. That's in the Cardio Zone for me. EzUP cardio.