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Friday, December 14, 2007

Figuring it out!

hello again! I am back this soon. ha. BUT I wanted to show yall a few of the pieces I have put up and made which I am very proud of.

This one on the left here, this is a piece of Red Poppy Jasper with Thai silver findings, soothingly put with small round smoky quartz. I love this necklace. It makes me feel balanced and was really nice to wear this fall.

I've really taken to making wire wrapped rings either with beads/stones or without. It is sort of funny because I played a lot of sports in high school and never wore that much jewelry besides some stunning silver hoops from Claires. It is nice to know that growing up comes with recognition of beautiful things and the acknowledgment of what class actually is.

This ring on the left is made with 14k Gold Fill wire with a piece of smoky quartz. I love this ring because even though it is very simple it has structure. I also love that it is off center, and that the wire shows that it is on purpose. It is a size 9. I really love working with the fine wire, it is soft but strong.

I love this ring too. It is made from copper wire. I love it because it makes me feel free through the design - it is open but there is a purpose. I try to make all of my rings with a structure but different each time. This ring is a size 5.5.

In all my jewelry, I make an effort to use every piece of material I can but in doing so, try to make each piece unique and one of a kind. I know the feeling I get when I find something that is so well-crafted but also beautiful and original. I am also inspired by my archaeological background from college - ancient jewelry is absolutely fantastic and amazing - but its a craft that has kept on going and progressing. It is something that just makes me feel good. I love selling my pieces myself because I can see peoples reactions when they find something that they love that I made. It is a great feeling.

until later...

Karma by Morgan... an introduction

Hello, my name is Morgan and I am the artist and owner of Karma by Morgan. Karma is a small handcrafted jewelry business I made in August of 2007. You can check out my merch at
go ahead check me out!

A little about me...
I am a recent graduate from Dickinson College where I majored in classical archaeology. I loved college and have always tried to do as much as I can with my bare hands. I chose to be start my own jewelry business because I saw a lot of jewelry out there that I found to be pure crap in all honesty - pure crap that I was paying too much money for. Being a recent graduate I know a lot about not having a trust fund (haha) and that being said, I try to spend my money wisely. That means that I want quality over quantity and quality over price.

I learned the jewelry craft through working at my local bead store for a few years and luckily being able to take advantage of classes and observing. Through practice and coming from an artsy family, I have been working on getting my name out there and getting my pieces on people. I have gotten a lot of positive responses from the two shows I have had, as well as from selling online.

so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or lend a few comments (constructive criticism only thanks !) And please check out my website