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Monday, July 7, 2008

Christmas in July

Christmas in July... I love this concept for a few different reasons. First, Christmas is a great holiday for the family to get together and show how much they appreciate each other. Secondly, my birthday is on the 11th and celebrating that feels like Christmas in July :)

In honor of this theme, I will be having a Christmas in July sale in my store - selected items will be 15% off.

I am also participating in The Little Black Box: Christmas in July celebration! This is a really cool site. The sale will be happening SATURDAY July 25th at 9am (est). It is a really interesting place to find great artists committed to the handmade revolution. I love this and have been doing my best to support handmade items (fyi I have a weakness for dresses and soaps).

I will hopefully be adding more items to my shop over the next few weeks. I have been busier than usual because I am doing a contract research project for a construction company for the month of July. Prime picture taking time is the same time I get to work in the morning - so I am having some conflicts, but its' all good!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I haven't participated in a Christmas in July since I was a kid.
But, like you, my birthday is this month so it's like an early Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i will have to look into that site! i am still trying to figure out what my cristmas in july will be. i have never done it before!