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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Recent Etsy Purchases - January 2010

I bought these owl cards, as well as some other awesome cards from etsy seller Alie Keegan I recommend that you check out her store and check out her other items. She is a prompt shipper and I LOVE the cards. As some of you might have noticed or know - I love owls and have recently been hearting all the owl items that come up on etsy that strike my fancy :)

I was lucky to receive a new iPod touch for Christmas this past year (which I am in love with), so I was on the search for a case that cushioned it as well as protected it and it would be swell if it had a pocket or two and then I found Blythe King's store on etsy. It was difficult for me to choose but I liked this item in particular because neutral and soothing and it looks secure.

I could probably write a short novel on the epic trail I have been on looking for the perfect law school bag. One that fits all my shit essentially - computer, law books, pens, highlighters, cords, phone, snack, notebooks, supplemental books. This bag is like my modern day Mary Poppins bag. In fact I showed it to my friend and she goes "I bet you could pull a lamp out of it!" hahah. But luckily I found this bag through a fellow Fashion, Design and Lifestyle team member on etsy and she too went to law school and told me that this bag worked for her - SOLD! I suggest you check out Clique Da Cour by Tiffany Gilstrap Scott. She has a TON of other awesome items and she is great at communicating with the customer, so don't hesitate to ask her any questions about her items.

I have really tried to buy more and more off etsy before I go somewhere else. I find that the items are of the highest quality and usually EXACTLY what you want and if they aren't, then you can request items and usually they can make you your custom request. Getting exactly what you want is so easy through etsy.

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Clique Da Cour said...

Thank you Morgan you are really sweet and I am glad you loved it!!!!