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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Man Jewelry, Manwelry, Man Bling?

So as I am preparing for my first law school jewelry show next Friday, I have posted an invite/event listing on facebook where people can say if they want to come or not.

I have usually done only jewelry for women, because being a woman I would like to think I know what they like. But a fellow first year (1L to get into the cool law school lingo) asked me if I made some of my wood grain rings for men. I thought about it and while I have sold a lot of my pieces to MEN, I haven't made anything for them, leaving me out of a percentage of the market. I am going to make him this ring and potentially make a few other rings of varying "man finger" sizes and see what happens. Don't know unless you try right? I'd love to learn how to make cuff links.


Аманда said...

My boyfriend wears a thumb ring. And although it was some random thing he found (probably on the ground, knowing him) and bent it into a ring shape, I'd much rather have him wear something like this. :)

b-ballstar said...

Beautiful, love the wood grain!