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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nurse Mouse

Nurse Mouse
Originally uploaded by The House of Mouse
If you haven't heard of The House of Mouse, you are missing out on some of the cutest little mice you have ever seen! I recently convo-ed Anna (the artist) to see if she had a Nurse Mouse. Luckily she did!

My grandmother was a nurse at Bellevue in NYC for a long time and has seen a lot of crazy intense things. She was gracious enough to take me to New York this spring so that she could go to her 60th Nursing School Reunion. My grandma is amazing and has always been there for me. Even though she hasn't been a nurse for a very long time, she still acts like one - I guess that's something you don't ever stop doing as a profession. She recently had a fall and cracked her knee cap and while I was home this weekend I was able to give her this mouse. She loved it! I am so glad she does :) I think it is especially relevant to her because during her time as a nurse, her uniforms actually resembled this!

I want to thank Anna for helping me give something so meaningful to my grandma. You are awesome ANNA!

Yall should check out her store on etsy too - you will not be disappointed!

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