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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Craft ATTACK 2008 Charlotte, NC

GOOD NEWS! I just found out this morning (why I am up SO early on a Saturday... I am still wondering) and checked my email to find out that I have been accepted to the Craft ATTACK 2008 here in Charlotte, NC! I am super excited as I am new to the area and want to keep the business going. WOO HOO!!!! This event is especially cool because it is being put up by the Carolina Etsy Street Team, so close to home (etsy...ahahha) but they are including artists both a part of etsy and not - which is so awesome.

The event sounds cool, it will be my first show in a real city. Mmmm, wow I need to get working! I haven't been slacking on production, but I also haven't been busting it out because I have only had one trunk show this whole Summer. Back to work. This will really inspire me to figure out where my studio will be now and how to set it up. Looks like some re-arranging is going to happen.... :) In college I used to re-arrange my room freshman year like once a month. Not even all at once, but like little things. This will be major.



Hi Morgan, I bet that is going to be a great experience!! I wish you the best!! :-)

Beth said...

Congrats Morgan! Wishing you all the best!

Nora said...

Good luck with your shows! Hope you get the results you are looking for and more..