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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Savannah Market Bazaar - Results and comments

The 2nd Savannah Market Bazaar was an experience and went seemingly well for me. I made a profit, small but still there. I met a lot of great people and gave out a lot of business cards, probably close to 50 or so.

At this point in the game, this show wasn't my first rodeo as they say, but I was glad to know that there were so many etsians there with me. Most people I talk to either have heard of Etsy but never checked it out or have no clue and I inform them. It was great to know that people know what I do and how I work my online store at There were some booths that were interesting and again because I was all by myself, I didn't have a chance to check them out. There were some jewelry booths, which is good, but I was told everyone had a different style and booth set up - so that was reassuring because jewelry is a very flooded market. There were also some people just selling their old clothes and old crap from their house - this is not dismiss that one mans trash can be another mans treasure - from a distance though it was a type of booth I probably would have avoided, that's probably me though.

Because the Market was in a parking lot it got rather steamy which I have to believe is why they aren't doing it over the summer and starting again in the fall. I was very hot and there was probably some where I could have gone to the bathroom but I was alone so I couldn't really leave. It was nice that it was open like as soon as you set up AND closed around 3 - though because of the heat many people left at like 1pm, I stuck it out until about 2pm. I ran out of water too which made me very dehydrated and a little loopy. I always think I bring enough water but I underestimate the power of the sun and the heat. Thank god for my EZ UP. One guy told me I should start charging for shade. haha.

My main seller this weekend was definitely rings! I sold a bunch of my wire wrapped rings which is good! I sold some earrings too. I even put a 10% off all necklaces to entice buyers but they did not go for it. Not one necklace or bracelet sold.

I hope to have a trunk show locally within the next two weeks. Those have gone pretty well each time I have them and now since it is warmer out we can do them outside. I think I will make bigger and more signage for this next one. I try to put it online and etc but people often stop in randomly. Basically I am trying to do as much free advertising as possible. Newspaper ads are ridiculously expensive. I think I might try fliers and put some in starbucks and give some to some local boutiques, show some in people's newspaper boxes or tape them to their mailboxes.


Jen said...

congrats and good luck with local advertising!

Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds like you did pretty good..and you met a bunch of people.
I think craft/any kind of fairs are hard..You are in the weather and it can be nasty..I was in one craft fair once, and the legs of the table sunk in the melted tar..

Hey Harriet said...

Always tricky promoting on a budget but sounds like you have some cool ideas. Fliers in Starbucks is a great idea! Markets can be fun but also tough doing them on your own. You should grab a friend next time so you can at least wander around & enjoy the markets. Oh & also handy having someone there for those all important toilet breaks & refreshment runs! Your assistant can also fan you should the heat be getting too much :D