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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, I took a risk yesterday and was rejected. I wake up this morning and I sold two of my favorite items!

Karma is real my lovely readers and is so real. The universe evens out.

This is what I sold!
Sky Through the Clouds Necklace - 55$

AA Earrings - 29$


I am glad I did not give up this week. If I have learned anything from owning a business and running it alone, is PATIENCE!

Thanks - have a great tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Hey if they rejected you then it's their loss because your jewelry is beautiful. And I'm not just saying that... it is.

snowy652 said...

thanks for visiting my blog

~ remember -- when one door closes one will be opening very soon

Karma by Morgan said...

Thanks for the kind words yall! I am going to keep on truckin as they say ;) Thanks!

jlperry said...

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earmark said...

oh so true, karma is real! I love the earrings, they are gorgeous! great blog too!

Ivy said...

beautiful jewelry!