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Saturday, March 22, 2008

1st Craft Show ever... RESULTS

WELL! It was not the best day of my life, however it was not the worst.

The facts:
  • i participated in AND paid for a very unorganized event
  • I was probably in the worst spot. The way the traffic flowed was from right to left - meaning I was the last left. I was at the VERY end. By the time people got to me, they had spent their money.
  • People took cards
  • I sold 6 items from 9am to 5 pm. thats less that 1 item an hour.
    • a sale is a sale, I am happy I sold something. my work spoke to someone
  • i expected more from this experience as a whole
    • GRANTED I met some really cool artists - mostly jewelry artists
      • there were about 80% jewelry booths. 80% - you would think they would regulate something this
Is it typical for someone running the event to sell their goods as well? I am clearly new. I don't know the answer. I don't have the experience. I don't and cannot say what I think the answer should be with out being out of line...
You pay for your space, and maybe I just wasn't bitchy enough but I arrived early and she put me in the WORST spot possible. You know the say early bird gets the worm, WELL early bird got screwed and then I hear people who arrived TWO HOURS LATE bitch and moan until they got put in a better place. wtf??? is this how it is? bitch and moan until you get your way? are we in kindergarten? last time I checked we were adults and adults are supposed to be mature, not bitch and moan, we all paid the same price for a space and you get to choose after I was told we had assigned spaces, she gets to choose? Sort of seems unfair and crazy!

all in all i made 160$ (thats after booth fee) better than NOTHING. I spoke with a woman who lived in NYC and she said she was happy because she sold a few pieces but she had been to some shows in NYC where she had never sold anything. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to sales. ya know?

lessons well learned here. well learned inDEED

I just hope the next craft fair/show I participate in is much more organized.


Hey Harriet said...

Yeah I guess a sale is a sale, but it would be cool if it was better organised. All the best for next time!

fi at moose and bear said...

$160 isn't bad at all!! at my last craft fair, I barely covered my entrance fee. it has put me off them a bit, but I'm going to keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Better luck next time. I voted today!!

Allison Stein, Artist & Author said...

Congrats on the sales you did get! Sometimes, the queen bee puts her biggest competition at a disadvantage... perhaps your handiwork made her nervous? ;)