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Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st Craft Fair EVER .... & some jitters

So as you might know, I am participating in my FIRST EVER craft fair this weekend down @ Palmetto Bay Marina here on the island. I am very excited and have - amazingly - beaten my *to-do* list almost all the way down.

Here is what I did this week:
  • Made Appointment to pay taxes - monday morning. I am nervous I have never paid taxes before... this is a big moment in my life.
  • got my oil changed
  • did all inventory except for earrings
  • made sure prices were correct - this was a big move
  • went grocery shopping
  • exercised - ran with the dogs and went on a long walk today
  • eyebrows waxed (this can be considered an emergency)
  • created
  • made a sale :)
  • blogged.
Dammit! I have been a busy girl. And I am not done yet - tomorrow I will finish making everything I need sign wise and take a picture of my mock set up. So still more to do...


ThePeachTree said...

You HAVE been busy! I have yet to do my 1st fair and am so nervous about even thinking about it :) Congrats to you!

Plaidfuzz said...

Wow, that must be a good feeling to have all that accomplished!

Adrienne Manson said...

You are busy indeed. Lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by the group discussion. I would like to know how the craft fair turned out. I love those craft fairs. I use to participate..later joined a crafts and art organization to sell my products...