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Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I made some really awesome pieces for one of my best friend's from college's girlfriend - wow, mouthful there! haha. I made a wicked necklace from this piece of candy jade that I bought off etsy it was green, white, with hints of pink and purple on them and paired them with some russian amazonite because the greens matched perfectly. Then I made her some earrings with pink peruvian opal and russian amazonite - she has a think for pink and green and those are colors I dont usually put together but am glad that my friend hit me up for some custom work to try out. It inspires me to make more jewelry. I think I am going to try to get back into it more so than I have been. I will have a little more time to create, and maybe even hit up some boutiques around Charlotte that are into quality stone pieces.

The bitch is back as Sir Elton would sing ;)

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Kitty Katt said...

As a fellow jewelry artist, I find myself interested in the metaphysical properties of the stones and gems I work with. I also like to give a brief description of this on my site. Some of my favorites are Blue Peruvian Opal, Mexican fire opal and of course pearls, pearls!