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Monday, December 1, 2008

Show Results

The show went surprisingly well considering the economic state of our country. I am lucky that I have some good friends who always support my shows. :) I sold some good inventory on Friday.

I also brought some more inventory to the Maye River Gallery. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but only a few more pieces were left from my initial inventory at the gallery. I have been getting a check almost every month, so I have to believe that my pieces are selling. The pieces I just dropped off are a bit lower in price so perhaps they will be easier sells that the previous items.

Just like last year, I am doing my best to participate in the Hand Made Pledge. I am trying to buy all my holiday gifts for people that are handmade...which means a lot of ETSY shopping (yay!!! my favorite!). I hope that all of you who read this decide to take part. It makes gift giving a lot more personal and creative - and in the end, more appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who came to my shows! A HUGE Thank you to my Mother for helping me with everything and for supporting me. She is a wonderful artists who small paintings would make fabulous gifts. She sells on ebay but also takes private requests through paypal. Also a thank you to my Grandma for baking awesome cookies and getting everyone I know hooked on her famous Rum Balls (which my friends tried to figure out what kind of rum she used...and what color rum she used - hilarious).

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