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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better than expected!

So I had my little booth at BazaarSpark this weekend and let me say - considering the economy and gas prices - I still made a profit (go me!). The whole event was very cool - lots of people came out and there was a very good variety of vendors and I was pretty impressed with the whole set up. There was live music, events for kids, crafts, food, and culture. I wish there were events every 2-3 months like this in every small city. Life would be different. This weekend was a chance for the community to realize that there is so much art culture in Raleigh and that they can involve themselves with local artists with out feeling inhibited. To me, that is so beyond wonderful.

For me personally, I can say it wasn't the best show I have been to - but it wasn't the worst either. I made a profit, and I got some people to sign up for my mailing list, and I met some awesome people who understood that my jewelry was a very high quality, not mass produced, and truly understood that each piece I make is one of a kind, which really helped drive the sale home for them. Some ladies tried on a necklace and were like "No one else will have this....I will get this one!" I have said in some other posts, but the feeling of knowning that a person is so happy and fulfilled with their purchase FROM me, is an undescribable feeling. As an artist I think sometimes you wonder if you are being appreciated, and on days like today you feel it completely. And thankfully - other artists were feeling this too (I hope, bc they were making sales too!).

I am doing another show in a few weeks and I hope that I get the same response. I think I came into this even with little to no expectations - this is mainly because I came into a city which I had NEVER been to before and got compliments that made me feel good. Even though right now, I am a lady with cramps (sorry fellas) that could kill - I threw on a smile, and unforunately not a windbreaker - it was so cold today. Like I didn't get the memo and thankfully brought a sweater and jeans - and chose not to wear my sundresses. hahha. I am excited for the next show!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

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