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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Silver lining

So I worked with my artclay yesterday and made a few leaf rings and a few pendants, along with a few pieces I am going to use in a bracelet.

Mostly, I am just excited to be using the clay. One of my goals is to get really familiar with the art clay prior to getting my Level 1 certification later this spring. I am definitely going to use some liver of sulfur on the rings, to really bring out the veins of the leaves and etc.

I am going to finish polishing all the pieces and fix a few pieces from the past that were a little too thin but I still want to use in some necklace pieces.

My parents are getting ready to retire in a 5-10 years and just invested in a 38ft sailboat. So today we are taking the maiden voyage. I am really excited but also kinda nervous...I dont know when the last time my parents actually sailed. so this could be interesting. haha.

Have a great sunday :)

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