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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well it's another sunday afternoon in great 2008!!! haha.

It has been exceptionally beautiful these past few days here in the lowcountry and it has helped with my inspiration and motivation! I really love spring time because everyone is outside, happy, and ready to accept with a new season can do for their lives and attitudes.

My sale that I am having is going fairly well, so far 5 pieces have sold!!! only 39 more to go to completely re-do my store and take new pictures. The forums have been wonderful and helpful for how to have a better looking store. So hopefully after the "successful" sale is over I can really clean house and get things back on track.

My goals for this week (similar to last weeks tee hee)
  • Make phone calls regarding recent DVDs sent out
  • Go down and sign up for local craft fair for mid-march
  • start making more inventory
  • hopefully art clay will come this week and I can start making more leaf rings
  • start gym regime...gym 4x this week
  • stay positive
  • get outside for a few hours
  • start brainstorming about where and when to take pictures.

I think thats a good start ;)

have a great week!

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